Greek Americans memorializ​e the Greek Genocide on East and West Coast

Turkish Genocide against Greeks

October 25, 2011

For the first time, on the week of September 15, 2011, Greek Americans remembered the Greek Genocide of 1914-1923 with memorial services on both the East and West Coast. On September 18th, the Asia Minor Holocaust Memorial Observance Committee, headed by Archon Bill Theodosakis, held their annual commemoration of the Greek Holocaust at Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church in Brooklyn New York. This year’s commemoration saw a large influx of Greeks from across the tri-state area joining with local parishioners to observe the memorial service and listen to guest speaker Prof. Michael Stratis.

The annual commemoration, which normally goes unnoticed by the greater Greek American community, inspired for the first time another such memorial service to be held in California. Also on Sept 18th, St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church in Stockton, CA, organized their own memorial service to remember the victims of the Asia Minor Catastrophe in solidarity with services held in Brooklyn.

It is the hope of the Hellenic League of America to expand memorial services in Greek Orthodox Churches in 2012. It is the duty of all Greek-Americans to remember the victims who were martyred during the 1914-1923 Genocide. Those interested in joining this growing movement are asked to speak with their local church officials and request such a memorial service for the victims of the Asia Minor Genocide. Usually, parish members must ask 3 or 4 weeks prior to Sept 15th. The final step is to raise $40 to $80 so that the Church can cook the Kolyva for the memorial service.

The 2012 goal includes to expand these memorial services to more US. cities such as Chicago, Phoenix ,Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, Tampa, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. Those interested in handing out material on the Greek Genocide during their memorial services are free to use the HLA’s pamphlet on the Genocide, which can be found below, free of charge.

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