Macedonia News : Alexander the Great Conquers Paris

Alexander the Great

EXHIBITION ~ Alexander the Great in Louvre.

Treasures originating from the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia are displayed currently in the Museum of Louvre. This amazing exhibition is being organised by Louvre, 11 ephorates of antiquities  and 6 Museums of Macedonia in Greece.

Fortified by the political intelligence of its rulers, the most famous of whom is Alexander the Great, ancient Macedonia was able to oppose its unity as a kingdom to the diversity of the Greek city-states. This exhibition reveals the glorious past and remarkable rise of the kingdom of Macedonia, and sheds light on the significance of the northern Greek tombs of the period: the treasures they contained, preserved by the earth of the tumuli, testify to the extraordinary skill of the artists of the time.
Five hundred artworks have been selected to trace the history of ancient Macedonia, from the 15th century BC to the Imperial Roman period.

Macedonia News : Videos from the exhibition

Με τον Μέγα Αλέξανδρο στο Λούβρο ΕΤ3 ~  Alexander the Great in Louvre Museum ET3

From the YouTube channel of KRASOPATIR

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