Boutaris : The Skopjan Case is Extremely Laughable


Giannis Boutaris, the mayor of Thessaloniki, the greatest Macedonian city and second more populous in Greece, blasts FYROM’s attempt to usurp Greek history. Mr Boutaris stated during the exhibition about ancient Macedonia in Louvre:

“This case is extremely laughable, that is you can’t prove you’re not an elephant. Skopjans, for some reason that only they know [deny their history], and I have also said that in interviews with Skopjan magazines.

I wonder how a people of Slavic origin, and with a very long history in the area, how they deny their history, and usurp the history of another people; that doesn’t hang together.

Let us not forget that Slavs came to the area after the 6th century AD. Alexander the Great lived in the 3rd century BC. Well, we’re talking about a difference of 1,000 years. This is truly unbelievable, what they’re doing, and more or less the people have realized everything about this story.

Especially with all the latest absurdities they’re doing, the huge kitsch statue of Alexander the Great that they erected in their square and so on, these sooner or later will be exposed.

We have nothing to do, we have nothing to prove. We are what we are. This exhibition is not a testament; it doesn’t take place in order to prove the Greekness, but to display the history of the area.. “

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