Macedonians and Pontians of New York Welcome Panayiotis Psomiadis

Panayiotis Psomiadis, Governor of Greece’s Central Macedonia Region travelled to New York and was cordially welcomed by the Pontians and Macedonians of New York.

Psomiadis attended the event organized by the Thessaloniki Society in New York and was awarded during this event last Saturday.

On Sunday Psomiadis took part in the celebration events of the eve of ‘Ochi’ organized by the Federation of Greek Unions. Representatives of the Thessaloniki Society were waiting for Psomiadis at Kennedy airport, where Pontian musicians were playing the lyre and two Pontian young girls offered him a bouquet of flowers.

During his speech in front of the members of Thessaloniki Society, Psomiadis thanked the attendees of the event as well as the president of Thessaloniki Society, Theodoros Moschokarfis. He also talked about the current situation in Greece in brief, stating: “Division and strong adherence at political parties dominate contemporary Greece”.

Moreover, Psomiadis praised Greeks abroad and especially Pontians, emphasizing, “Our homeland owes many things to Greeks abroad but it often forgets their contribution.

Psomiadis concluded, “All Greeks abroad should teach their children to remain Greeks. Grandparents and priests did contribute to the preservation of the Greek identity and not the Greek country”.

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