Dimitrov blasts FYROM’s “Historians” for forged historical documents and omission of facts

Bozhidar Dimitrov

Quite humiliating statements for FYROM’s historians were made yesterday by the historian Bozhidar Dimitrov, currently director of the Bulgarian National History Museum.

He stated according to Focus,It is no use a serious scientist like me to deal with the absurdities of academician Blaze Ristovski. I am sure that no other scientist in the world, serious, less serious or even frivolous, will deal with such crap.”

Dimitrov statements took place on the occasion of the article by academician Blaze Ristovski entitled “It is not possible Macedonia (sic) and Bulgaria to have had a common language (Bulgarian)“.

Furthermore he blasted FYROM’s “historians” by stating, “I have refused to comment on” scientific “theses of Macedonian (sic) historians long ago, as they are not scientific. These are framed up theses with forgery historical documents and with the omission of facts in the same historical documents, the Macedonian “historians” offer.” He added that he usually makes fun or just laugh with them.

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