Macedonia : FYROM’s Hideous Propaganda Technique #1 – The Victim Card


Slavs from FYROM pretending to be… ancient Macedonians. Kitsch was never absent from the former Yugoslav Republic.

“Among them [Slavomacedonians], the lie is something customary, it is not considered a vice, but as a sign of wit. The one among them who is caught lying does not feel remorse or embarrassment, but only a sorrow, because he was not clever enough when constructing the lie!!!!”

An indicative statement by a Bulgarian Intellectual made several decades ago describing Slavomacedonians.

FYROM’s Slavs who have turned the above statement into a dogma, find it extremely easy to employ each possible way of manipulating information from a source. This often take place by planting their own wild fantasies while presenting them as some kind of “evidence” to their alleged existence as “Macedonians” from time immemorial. Its no surprise at all that foreign Historians consider historical documents from FYROM as synonymous to “historical forgery” and “ommision of facts”

Bear in mind that their favourite motto is, “Only the Sun is Older than Macedonia.” (However it wont surprise us if in the future FYROM’s pseudo-scientists might “prove” that its the other way around!)

It is sometimes hard for the unsuspected reader who is frequently confronted by deceitful attempts to believe false claims disguised to sound truthful. These series of articles aim to familiarise you with techniques of FYROM’s Propaganda so that you become able to assess the strength of any argument you may encounter and thus determine of its validity. Especially the massive one used in the internet by FYROM’s Diaspora propagandists with sole aim to deceive the readers while misrepresenting and manipulating well-evidenced historical events to fit their petty nationalistic agenda.

I am certain none of you has missed the numerous FYROM’s Diaspora Nationalistic Organisations and tens of FYROM’s internet warriors whinning in internet forums about  “130 or more countries” (actually the number increases or decreases, contradicting one another, depending who is stating it), recognising allegedly their consitutional name.

The question coming to mind instantly is the following: Assuming their claim was true, why dont they simply publish the official list with the names of these countries? Are they afraid publishing it and why? The explanation is simple. FYROM’s regime conveniently avoid to publish the official list, because another FYROM’s myth will collapse and FYROM will become once more the Laughing Stock of the World. They prefer to throw numbers without ever backing them up with evidence. Empty claims without evidence is a field that FYROM’s Slavs are mastering at it.

Even if someone takes a look at the official FYROM’s MFA website, he can easily comprehend the amount of Misinformation emanating from the former Yugoslav Republic.

According to FYROM’s MFA, there is a list of 167 countries, which are supposed to have diplomatic relations with their country. The list is entitled,  “ЕSTABLISHED FULL DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS OF THE ‘REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA’‘.

fyrom foreign ministry1 H Ιστοσελίδα του Σκοπιανού ΥΠΕΞ παραπληροφορεί...

Comically, among these countries we find even Greece.


.fyrom foreign ministry2 H Ιστοσελίδα του Σκοπιανού ΥΠΕΞ παραπληροφορεί...



The question arising is the following: Has Greece got diplomatic relations, or even better ever recognised a country under the name “Republic of Macedonia”? Obviously, No.

So according to the misinformation of the Official Website of FYROM’s MFA, Greece is supposed to have recognised and have got full diplomatic relations with some country “Republic of Macedonia”. Similarly countries like ie Australia and others are simply recognising them with the name used in all International Organisations. That is  “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.


Another trick that FYROM’s Slavs are using to fool third parties is to pretend being the “victim” of an alleged Foreign agenda. The “bullies” labeled by FYROM’s propagandists tend to change each time accordingly to whom they want to diminish.  In fact this soap drama has been played intensively over and over that is has becoming one of the most usual and predictable ways of Conduct from FYROM’s Slavs during a discussion.

The most important reason for this attitude lies in the fact that the mainstream mind in FYROM, has been imposed to consider himself and his people to be the actual, true victims of history. It has become an Inferiority Complex to the average mind in FYROM. In fact that is exactly how they have been raised to believe either by their family environment or by their educational system. This certainly pressuposes that being themselves the victims, the “others” will be usually portrayed as the “perpetrators” and will be somehow easier to diminish them. These two perspectives always go hand by hand and will always be a backward factor of this relatively new state. The worst perspective remains that the constant repeating of this action has transformed these people sadly into believing it.

Unfortunately for our wannabe propagandists, it doesnt work. Attempting to play the Victim card with the intention to create pity for evidence in an argument is simply futile. Playing the victim does not serve as evidence for a claim nor it does constitute a substitute for evidence to anyone, except of the poor minds of the propagandists who use them.

By Nikolaos M.

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