Demolishing FYROM’s Pseudomacedonism


Today we present you one of the best comments written by one of the few FYROM’s Slavs who still dont buy their State’s mass Propaganda about inexistent links with antiquity and hope for a much better future for their country. The comment was published in reply to an article about Press freedom issues that may keep FYROM out EU in

 Be careful…there is a dangerous amount of truth in his comment.

Višeslav| Дата: 26.10.2011 14:26

The Government of this state, boasting legitimacy by election (Hitler was elected on democratic elections in which his party, as hitherto non-participating in the German goverment, couldn’t exert any foul play. This is not the case with Gruevski who uses pre-election coercion on public sector, diversion of funds to media and house-to-house intimation, as a well-versed player) now launches ideas that EU membership is redundant by “imminent collapse of EU” and alternatives as Security and Cooperation Treaties in which this state is not desirable due to its well-known “chameleon” politics. The aforementioned not only betrays the immaturity of the Government in Skopje, but also such reorientation would annihilate substantial harmonizing legal and structural reforms implemented so far. In light of this remark, one had to add that the Goverment , sompozed mostly of 30something years old without major “hardline leadership” working experience as well as no high-brow contribution to academic, both theoretical and practical, thought and action, by no criteria whatsoever represent “leadership” characterized by certain ethos, communication culture, analytical capabilities, adaptability and yes, even stately ‘appearance’ (not exclusively in physiognomic meaning of the word). These are person of nowhere, governing a state which like Post-colonial states in Africa and Middle East had misfortune to represent an encircled state entity around ethnic lines of (in order of origin, not necessarily current self-identification, which was not brought by living in a free-speech based culture): Bulgarians, Albanians, Serbs, “Vlachs” (Aromanians), Roma, Turks., Greeks, Armenians and other.

The Government is consolidating Pseudomacedonian narrative of origin, ethnic nature in context of forged historiography in order to augment Bulgarian-based core (which re-branded as Macedonian people after 1944. has Constitutional status of first rank citizens, while forced assimilation of Serbs, Aromanians

The key is diversified mass civilian mission of EU situated in situ, that would. supported by agreed or even extorted police force establish:

1. High-quality academia for journalism and media management, including media technology and studies of Investigative journalism

2. Establishment of network of non-commercial, open to all sides, radio, press, TV, Internet Portal media to opposing forces, whomever they may be after conclusive to change of leadership. It would have infrastructure both within and outside at similar role to Cold War broadcasting stations.

3. Retirement of “ethnoconstructivist” academics aged 45 , and substitution of history, archaeology, ethnology, anthropology departments with foreign professors, to whom adequate compensation, meritocratic control and protection from both threats and bribe as key to keeping up with integrity should be given. Material aid (books, periodicals which are now de facto banned should be given)

Also, a multi-episode documentary directed under auspices by EU cultural institutions should be made, dealing with Greekness of Macedon, Slavic settlement of Balkans from today’s Northern Ukraine. It should follow high standards of “History channel” directors et al.

4. Ban of VMRO as a name (other then historical mention) as name or part of name of current parties, NGO’s, companies, institutions, should be made, because this was guerrilla organization which restructured after WW I in classic terrorist organization. Today’s VMRO-DPMNE claims historical and ideological continuity, through presrvation of VMRO’s authentic ideas. It is on their website, in their official publication, it is in their Law elevating this organization responsible for slaughter of tens of thousands of Greeks, Serbs, Vlachs, Turks, Albanians, acts of sabotage and diversion, racketeering as a means of financial and other material supply, use of perfidious methods of combat, including assassinations. Nomen Est Omen.

5. Extremely penetrative external control, with multiple interstate and EU based auditing of judiciary until ‘sweat covers the halls of (locally twisted) Halls of Justitia’. That includes detention centers, police stations and bases, public administration, public prosecutor office.

In De Gaul’s words: long live Europe from Atlantic to Urals.



However it remains deeply depressing the fact that the rest of commenters prefered the usual FYROM’s method of contacting with those having different opinion than the mainstream one. Targeting and labelling him as a “Greek propagandist”, traitor and eventually throwing vulgar threats like ” each Fellow who is into Greek propaganda ends in Mental Intitutions”!!!!

Freedom of Speech remains an Unknown Term in FYROM of the 21th century.


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