Macedonia News : Ridiculous FYROMian Myth Stating That “the Name Macedonia was Forbidden in Greece Before 1988” Dispelled

Macedonia News : One of the most persistent ridiculous Pseudomacedonian illusions held about history is the claim that the name ‘Macedonia’ was forbidden in Greece prior to 1988.

There are many examples from state institutions or private corporations that use the term Macedonia (Gr: Μακεδονία in Greece. A couple of examples below:

Newspaper “Makedonia”paper of 4th April of 1878

Faros Of Macedonia – paper of 29th November 1887.

farosofmacedonia1887 Skopjan propaganda The use of the term Macedonia was forbidden in Greece until 1988

The following video provides facsimiles of Greek publications carrying the Macedonian name which were issued prior to that date.

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