” Macedonia:The Historical Truth ” hosted in Montreal

by Stella Tsolakidou

The Greek Community of Montreal in cooperation with the Greek Congress of Quebec, the Macedonian Association “Alexander the Great”, the union “Vogatsiaton Kastorias” and the Pontian Association of Montreal “Efxinos Pontos” hosted an event yesterday under the title “Macedonia: The Historical Truth”.

The event aimed at presenting archaeological, historical, and geographical evidence that Macedonia of Alexander the Great is Greek.

The featured speeches were delivered in English, since the organizers are trying to inform the broader society of Quebec on the issue, inviting provincial and federal politicians as well as all level students to attend the events. One of the main speakers of the event was Dr. Chris Karatzios, recognized among community members for his deep knowledge of Greek national issues, and other prominent scholars of the subject.

Source: http://canada.greekreporter.com/2011/11/14/greek-community-hosts-event-macedoniathe-historical-truth/

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