In 1912 Skopje had 80 percent Albanian population

qpOOG Skopje historically had never been Macedonian

Typical residents of Uskub (now Skopje) in 1912 : two Albanians and a Cop.

A document of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs verifies that in 1912 Skopje had 80 percent Albanian population. Specifically according to the document, the population of Skopje was 50,000, of whom 40,000 were Albanians. The document was found by the historian Skender Hasani who states that the document explicitely proves that the population of Skopje had Albanians as majority.

The historian also stated, “Immediately after the occupation of Skopje in 1912 by Serbs, the Serbs immediately have begun implementing their project through land reform which brought settlers from ‘shumadia’ and the structure of the population was significantly changed, but between the years 1943 - 1944, Skopje was again dominated by Albanians”.

After the earthquake he claims that Slavs coming from Macedonia in Greece and elsewhere from Eastern Europe were brought to Skopje, and changed the ethnic structure of the city, while the number of Albanians started drastically to decline.


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