PDSH says FYROM’s Constitution does not respect the rights of Albanians

The Albanian party PDSH, made it clear that its against the current constitution of FYROM and made a proposal about federalization, according to Zurnal.

The party says that the specific issue will be brought in FYROM’s parliament due to the fact that the rights of Albanians in FYROM are not respected from the current constitutonal system.

The other Albanian party, NDR, is also in favor of changing the Constitution and claims that a new Constitution is needed to make the position and rights of Albanians of the country much better.

Fadil Zenedeli from NDR stated, “The best evidence that the rights of Albanians are being violated is the adopted laws, including the one on use of the Albanian language. The Albanian language has no status of an official language, the economic discrimination of Albanians is evident while the process of decentralization is static”.

On the other hand, the Albanian Professor, Blerim Reka, says that the constitution which was changed ten years ago makes it possible for the Albanian language to be official language but the real problem lies in the practice.

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