Macedonia News : FYROM Begs Greece to Unblock Its EU Accession Talks

Macedonia Name Issue - Despite the numerous provocations of FYROM against Greece and the continuing propaganda from his country that promotes pseudo-history, FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski cynically sent a letter to his Greek counterpart Lucas Papademos.

In the letter, Nikola Gruevski appeals to the Greek government allegedly to support the recommendation of the European Commission for opening negotiations and adds that is going to create a “positive climate of mutual trust necessary for permanent resolution of the remaining bilateral differences between the two countries”.

In fact, FYROM’s PM currently faces the concequences of his government’s intrasigence and lack of will to find a solution regarding the Name Issue. Most likely his country will be found itself once again out of EU and tries desperately to avoid the new fiasco.

FYROM’s PM refers to Greece in the letter as “the oldest EU member state in the region” and urge Greece to “support the membership negotiations to expand the benefits of the enlargement process of our region.”

As the FYROM’s newspaper Utrinski Vesnik underlines, the letter of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to his Greek counterpart Papademos is an attempt to prevent a Greek “veto” in the EU.

Greece and FYROM have been tangled in a ongoing dispute regarding the latter’s name, after FYROM’s Slavs absurdly keep claiming the Name, history and heritage of ancient Macedonia, an ancient Greek kingdom in Macedonia, Greece.

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Now that Greece has all the former employees of Goldman Sachs in its Government, everything is unfortunately possible.