FYROM’s blatant hypocrisy regarding the arrests of ethnic Albanians

During the last days we are becoming witnesses of the comical events currently taking place in FYROM following the arrests of some ethnic Albanians. Ethnic Albanians apparently drew graffiti with a “Greater Albania” map near Tetovo’s entrance and burned a FYROM’s flag.

The rampant, blatant hypocrisy is that they are heavily condemned and even face serious charges of the FYROM’s criminal code who could send them to prison, by a country whose own PM had bowed in front of a map of the so-called “Greater Macedonia“. 

In the meantime, FYROM’s Media Slam the country’s Ethnic Albanians about the incident and FYROM’s analysts manage to fuel the interethnic tensions.

University Professor Jove Kekenovski stated today in a newspaper that all these incidents “are no coincidences”. “The idea of Greater Albania is still alive. Furthermore its realization has just begun. Let me remind you of the statement of Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha: “5 million citizenships for five million Albanians in the Balkans.”

Of course  their own Nationalistic concept of “Macedonianism” and the fantasy of a “United Macedonia” that it represents, is conveniently fully ignored by FYROM’s analysts taking their astounding hypocrisy to new heights.

FYROM’s ultra-Nationalistic youth burns a Greek Flag where maps of the so-called “Greater Macedonia” are visible in the background. Of course in FYROM such acts, especially against Greece, are considered normal and no publishment is ever given, highlighting the ridiculous double standards existing in FYROM.

Recently, the state of FYROM had completely ignored similar incidents taking place at the stadiums in Gjorce Petrov and Prilep when chauvinistic slogans were chanted by FYROM’s Slavs against ethnic Albanians, such as “gas chambers for Albanians”.

On the other hand as a representative from FYROM’s Albanian party PDSH stated, there was recently another similar incident where an Albanian flag was burned in Struga. The attitude of FYROM regarding disrespecting  state symbols are radically different when it involves its own state symbol and this is something that the international community should take into account.

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