Macedonia News - Reeker : First a Name Solution, then a Membership Invitation

Macedonia News — Philip Reeker, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State during a meeting with journalists in Washington, spoke about the Name Issue and FYROM’s Membership Invitation.

According to Zurnal, the US diplomat commented on the Issue, “The name issue between the two countries is not something that someone else can solve in their favor.” Later he added, “US cannot do this for the two countries.”

He also mentioned that both countries were encouraged for many years to reach a name solution while Papandreou and Gruevski had met several times and discussed about the issue. Additionaly he reaffirmed the support of US to the efforts of UN mediator Matthew Nimetz.

While asked about the opinion raised recently by the former NATO ambassador, Kurt Volker, namely that FYROM could join NATO under the reference FYROM and to solve the Name Issue later, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State was more than clear and reminded once more NATO’s Ultimatum:

“It has been said very clearly and many times that the country will get an invitation for membership after the name dispute is settled,” he added while he repeated that his country will keep up to encourage both countries in order to reach to a mutually acceptable solution.

In the meantime in FYROM, analysts express their scepticism about the outcome of the Hague’s verdict. In an article published in Fokus, it is stressed that FYROM most likely will get a positive message from Hague that Greece violated the Interim Accord. But thats all. Hague will do nothing more than it and will reject FYROM’s appeal in order the international court to enforce on Greece not to Veto in the future FYROM’s accession to NATO and the EU.


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