Macedonia News - Former FYROM’s PM admits FYROM’s Slavs rewrite Greek History

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Macedonia News — FYROM’s former PM Ljubco Georgievski blasted his successor to the presidency of the currently rulling “VMRO-DPMNE” party, Nikola Gruevski, in a recent interview to the Radio Free Europa.

The former FYROM’s PM attacked the “antiquization” policy of Gruevski and admitted publicly the fact that Gruevski attempts to rewrite Greek history.

“This history about ancient Macedonia which they want today to impose Us as a state policy, i call it a caricature of History, because its about unrelated events,” Georgievski stated.

Our people is bombarded daily with Lies, Misinformation, documentaries where we see that Greek History has became Ours and is presented alike. For me its obvious that there is a clear distinction of the so-called ancient history of Macedonia and Slavic History. I still defend the thesis that we can rely on our Slavic Identity, our spiritual creators like St Cyrillos and Methodios, St Clemes and St Naum. This is our history where we can safely rely on. “, he added.

Regarding the ICJ’s judgement, FYROM’s former PM stated:

“The Judgement of the Hague will influence the negotiations between our country and Greece. For two months we are about to be full of happiness and will say how much powerful we are as the moral victors. But it wont be any will for the solution and this will risk in danger our country since it couldnt do anything into the next 2-3 years.”

When asked if Gruevski’s government is in position to compromise with Greece, so the country could enter NATO and EU, he replied:

«No, of course i don’t see any sign from our side. This is obvious by looking at the state’s journalists who preach the government’s policies. I don’t think there is anything else than what we see in the state’s Media with the government’s propaganda. For 4 years the government defends the name without having any other alternative.”

A couple of years ago, Ljubco Georgievski had publicly stated in FYROM’s TV that Alexander the Great is considered a Greek, while he built through his conquests and left behind a Greek world.





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