Macedonia News – Thessaloniki the European Youth Capital for 2014

Thessaloniki - Lefkos Pyrgos

Macedonia News – The city of Thessaloniki has emerged as the winner in the competition for European Youth Capital for the year 2014. “Thessaloniki built the strongest application, with a profound program that is packed with creative ideas,” said Peter Matjašič, President of the European Youth Forum. The Thessaloniki candidacy is themed on the word and concept of “time,” aiming at presenting the history of the city and its role in South-Eastern Europe, as well as its future perspectives, development and transition towards its social revival.

The 2014 programme will include a wide range of actions, carried out on the basis of four pillars: creation, participation, special social groups and new social movements.
Independently established by youth organisations, the European Youth Forum is made up of more than 90 National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations, which are federations of youth organisations themselves. It brings together millions of young people from all over Europe, representing their common interests.
Every year since 2009, the European Youth Forum has been selecting a city as European Youth Capital, which is given the chance to showcase its youth-related cultural, social, and economic life for a whole year.

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