Irredentist map of “United Macedonia” in a primary school of FYROM

dimotiko sxoleio skopion Αλυτρωτικός χάρτης της Μεγάλης Μακεδονίας σε δημοτικό σχολείο των Σκοπίων

Ochrid, FYROM – An irredentist map of the so-called “United Macedonia” has been placed in the primary school, “Grigor Prlitchev” in the city of Ochrid revealing the Irredentist dreams of Slavs in FYROM is still alive and kicking.
This school gathers students from all the ethnic backgrounds of the local area and the irredentist map is found inside a classroom on its white wall.

“The display of this irredentist map reveals the ambitious plans of Slavs in their educational system, when Albanian youths were arrested and threatened with imprisonment because they had drew an Albanian map with graffiti”, says an Albanian newspaper.

Just 20 days ago, an incident had taken place in FYROM which revealed the amazing double standards of FYROM’s government. Apparently a small number of Ethnic Albanians apparently drew graffiti with a “Greater Albania” map near Tetovo’s entrance and burned a FYROM’s flag.

The rampant, blatant hypocrisy is that they are heavily condemned and even face serious charges of the FYROM’s criminal code who could send them to prison, by a country whose own PM had bowed in front of a map of the so-called “United Macedonia“. 

In the meantime, FYROM’s Media Slammed the country’s Ethnic Albanians about the incident and FYROM’s analysts managed to fuel the interethnic tensions.

For instance, university Professors from the country had stated  in FYROM’s Media that all these incidents “were no coincidences” and “The idea of Greater Albania is still alive.”

Would they admit now after this new incident that their own Nationalistic concept of “Macedonianism” and the fantasy of a “United Macedonia” that it represents, is no “still alive”? Or they will conveniently ignore it eventhough it takes place in a primary school, taking their tremendous hypocrisy to new heights?

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