Macedonia News : Irredentist map of “Greater Macedonia” appeared in the State Statistical Office in Municipality of Tetovo

Aktuale Harta e MK etnike 368622353 822156033 Αλυτρωτικός Χάρτης της Μεγάλης Μακεδονίας σε δημόσια υπηρεσία στο Τέτοβο

The Irredentist map of the so-called “Greater Macedonia” found on a wall of a public service in Tetovo (FYROM)

Just a couple of days after the issue with the Primary school in Ochrid, the same irredentist map appeared in a public service of FYROM. Namely an irredentist map of the “Greater Macedonia” was found on the wall of the offices of the State Statistical Office in Municipality of Tetovo.

The Albanian newspaper koha discovered the map and it was only after the newspaper’s reaction that forced the Statistical Office to remove it.

«The map existed until today, but its isnt there anymore, it has been removed. I want to emphasize that some worker placed it there and the State Statistical Office  has no relation. It was an isolated incident”, tried to explain in the Albanian newspaper, Tony  Zdravkovski, the head of the Statistical Office in Tetovo..

At the same moment the Ethnic Albanians of FYROM condemn the double standards applied by FYROM’s government. Currently FYROM’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has filed criminal charges against four young ethnic Albanians because they drew with graffiti an irredentist map of “Greater Albania“. The young Albanians could face up to 5 years imprisonment.

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