Macedonia News : Analysts urge Gruevski to Discard the alternatives and solve the Name Issue

Macedonia News - No matter how Gruevski’s media folks try hard to mislead their own people, the message arriving to FYROM from NATO, EU and recently from United States is loud and clear. Enough is Enough, Solve the Name Issue and then you will enter NATO and EU.

However this clear and consise message seem to have fallen in deaf ears in FYROM. Recently and in the aftermath of the replies by Samaras and Papadimos, political analysts and a former diplomat advised their government to forgot the alternatives which are faithfully promoted by the pro-government’s media and focus how to solve the Name Issue.

As Koja informs us, Alajdin Demiri stated that the domestic politics should withdraw from the alternatives that are recently circulating in the public. Namely the one on the parallel name negotiations and the membership in the EU and NATO under the provisional reference.

“The desire for manipulation of the Hague judgment is passing while the messages from the United States and the EU become clearer and the problem is returning back to us. The dilemma that is now tabled before Gruevski and the Government is whether they will have the opportunity and power to face these problems,” said Demiri.

The Former diplomat Denko Maleski stated regarding the Name Issue, “If Samaras accepts to meet our side, he will put himself in danger of losing votes at the future elections.” Furthermore Maleski characterised the invitations for meetings with the Greek leaders as “naive”. In his view, it is realistic to expect the problem to remain status quo in the following years too.


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