FYROM : Half of the announced laws not harmonized with European Legislature

Painful truths about FYROM’s european intergration are found in a today’s column in Utrinski Vesnik.

The writer rightly concluded that FYROM does not need Greece to block the country’s European Integration, since she does it better all by herself.  This is confirmed by the stats shown by the former Deputy PM for European Affairs, Radmila Sekerinska.

Sekerinska exposed FYROM’s government by showing that half of the laws that were announced and planned this year have not been harmonized with the European legislature. These numbers only confirm that FYROM’s government main allegation that the issue is just technical and the sole problem is the Name dispute, is another pitiful attempt to excuse the failure of FYROM’s state to cope with the demands of the European Union.

In the meantime in another article found in the same newspaper, Robert Nesimi, a member of the Ipesa Institute comments that it is time for FYROM’s citizens to face the bitter reality that they will not become members of the EU and NATO for a long time. They may have “won” the legal battle, as he claims, but everybody knows that the political process is not going anywhere.


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