FYROM – Pseudoarchaeological Summit: Political “Identity Archaeology” , Skoplje, 28-XII-2011

The occasion shown in the video was titled “Archaeological Macedonia 2011”, conceptualized as public display of artifacts excavated during this year. It was opened with speeches first by notorious Pasko Kuzman and by FYROM’s Minister for Culture, Elizabeta Kančeva Milevska, the speech of which (contained after first 100 seconds of the video) at several occasion appropriated the ancient Macedonian heritage in a sublime, implicit way and at one occasion, stating explicitly that today’s “Macedonians” should consider, based on the artifacts, as descendants of  Ancient Macedonians. Also, Dragan Nedeljković, the Deputy Minister for Culture was present.

Among locally prominent archaeologist present were: Zoran Rujak, Viktor Lilčić, Pasko Kuzman, Dragi Mitrevski, Cvetan Grozdanov (former Chairman of the so-called MANU) and Nikos Čaušidis.

Source: YouTube Channel of Srbolog

FYROM – VMRO’s Pseudomacedonian psychological warfare through degradation of archaeology: annual recapitulation of FYROMian archaeological works, held at exhibition in the so-called “Museum of Macedonia” in Skoplje, 28-XII-2011.

The official term for the event: “Archaeological Macedonia 2011”

ВМРОвски псеудомакедонски психолошки рат деградацијом археологије: годишњи преглед учинка БЈРМског археолошког рада одржан у тзв. Музеју Македоније у Скопљу, 28-XII-2011.

Званични назив за догађај “Археолошка Македонија 2011”

All credits to  Srbolog

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Even FYROM’s museums are pathetic.No propaganda can hide their true origins.FYROM has nothing to do with Ancient Macedonia.FYROM is situated on the soil of North Ancient Paeonia and of South Dardania.Skoplje is the capital of a Republic that wants to call itself “Macedonia”, but historically it is situated on the Dardanian soil.Imagine that Dardanians were the northern neighbours of Ancient Macedonians’ northern neighbour(Paeonians).FYROM’s historic, scientific and legal position(Treaty of Bucharest, international commercial law on airports’ naming and products, public international law) is without any serious arguments.FYROM still survives for political reasons because Turkey, USA and some great European powers want the Balkans divided in statelets in order to rule easier this southern flank of Eastern Europe against Russia.In addition, they want to avoid any future Orthodox Balkan alliance that wouldn’t surely serve their interests in the area.To conclude, this new Macedonian museum in Skoplje is like opening a museum for Frankish history in Edinburgh, Scotland, aka Scotland as the northern neighbour of France’s northern neighbour(England).