Agreement that FYROM Has No Territorial Claims proposed FYROM’s Professor

The Irredentist Map of “Greater Macedonia” published by the FYROM’s Diplomat (Photo @ Proto thema)

FYROM News – A written agreement in front of Nimetz that FYROM has no Territorial Claims (!), has never (!) broken the Interim Accord and does not insist on holding the exclusive right to the Name (!), proposed to FYROM government, Professor Toni Deskovski according to FYROM’s Media. The proposition took place during the coordination meeting of FYROM’s state leadership arranged by President Ivanov on Sunday.

The Professor from FYROM stated to Kanal 5 that after the judgment in The Hague there is a clear picture that the Greek accusations are “gross lies” when it comes to claiming that FYROM is conducting irredentist politics.

The professor’s false assertions come just 4 days after the Greek Newspaper Proto Thema brought into light a Scandal with a current FYROM’s Consul serving in Canada.  From the photos published by Proto Thema, the diplomat from FYROM appears to distribute commemorative medals of FYROM’s MFA with the Greek Symbol of Vergina Sun inscribed on them, in direct breach of the Interim Accord.

Additionaly the Greek newspaper revealed that FYROM’s Diplomat published in his profile in a Social Network, photo showing an Irredentist Map of “Greater Macedonia” coming straight from his “heart”.

The rest of the photos can be found in the related article of Proto Thema

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