Macedonia 1916 - Rare photo of the Public Meeting from 30,000 Macedonians in Thessaloniki

Modern History1 Μακεδονία 1880   Σφραγίδα του Αρχηγείου των Μακεδονικών Στρατιωτικών Δυνάμεων

Thessaloniki, Macedonia 1916 - A call for the Greek government from to take action against Bulgarians by a massive crowd of 30,000 Macedonians who gathered in Thessaloniki. The Macedonians, Proud of being Greeks had erected a big Greek flag. Similar public meetings against Bulgarians took place in other cities of Macedonia in Greece.

The public meeting of the thousand Macedonians was so massive for the period in question that it was published in the 13th September of 1916, in “The Illustrated War News” along with a photograph from the meeting.


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