Macedonia News : Greece Men’s Water Polo Squad humiliates FYROM

ethniki polo Η Εθνική ομάδα πόλο ταπείνωσε τους Σκοπιανούς!!!
Macedonia News : Greece Men’s Water Polo Squad easily crashed FYROM with 10-6. The match took place during the 2nd day of the European Championship Group Matches and the Greek team needs only a win in order to pass to the next round.

 Before the match, several FYROM’s Media had predicted a win of their team but the final result was a humiliating defeat for their National team.

The Greek team dominated the first half with a score of 5-1 where we had an impressive show from the Greek players. In the second half the Greek players  continued with the same pace and the final score of the match was 10-6 in favor of the Greek Team.

From the Greek National Team, best perfomance had Andreas Miralis and George Doskas who scored from 3 goals each.

Next match for Greece will be on Thursday  (19/01) on 15.30 pm against Turkey.

For Greece scored: Miralis 3, Doskas 3, Kokkinakis 1, Fountoulis 1, Mylonakis 1.

For FYROM scored:  Misic 2, Milanovic 1, Rantsic 1, Benic 1, Dimovski 1

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