Researchers find hundreds ancient coins


Bronze coins, the researchers found 383 ancient coins in the oasis.


Rich pickings for archaeologists in Egypt: The excavators are thrust into an oasis on numerous coins from pre-Christian times. Among the treasures are also stunning jewelry pieces.

Cairo – Egyptian archaeologists have found an oasis south of Cairo, numerous coins from pre-Christian times. When the excavation at the Karun Lake, about 80 kilometers southwest of Cairo, was also found one from shells of ostrich eggs crafted necklace, like the Egyptian Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday.

Total of 383 artefacts were counted, including coins with a mint Ptolemy III., Who reigned 246-222 BC as Pharaoh.

Jewelry from the distant past: Even the excavators found this coral ring on Karun Lake about 80 kilometers southwest of Cairo.

A native of Greece took over the Ptolemaic dynasty in 330 BC, the power in Egypt. Their reign ended when Cleopatra VII in 31 BC with her lover Marc Antony lost the naval battle of Actium. The winner was Octavian, the future emperor Augustus, who annexed Egypt to the Roman Empire.

mbe / AFP


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