Reeker warns FYROM : “No Name Solution, No Accession to NATO and EU”

220px Philip T. Reeker Macedonia News   Reeker : First a Name Solution, then a Membership Invitation

Utrinski Vesnik today reported unofficial infos that Philip Reeker warned FYROM’s leaders once more by stating, “No Name Solution, No Accession to NATO and EU.”

Additionally the American diplomat crashed FYROM’s hopes to get something good out the judgement from the Hague. He said that Investing hope in the ICJ’s judgement is a complete waste of time, according to FYROM’s newspaper.

On the other hand, FYROM’s officials requested from the international community to show creativity and flexibility following the judgement of the ICJ, in order the Name Issue to be solved.

Erol Rizaov wrote in his own Utrinski Vesnik’s column that FYROM should show to the world, there is will to find a solution to the Name Issue. 

Thus FYROM should demonstrate that she wants to meet Greece halfway by accepting a geographic qualifier to their name at the day of the accession. If that doesnt work and FYROM doesnt get support, then they must find their own way.

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