FYROM : Albanians furious with FYROM’s state hypocrisy

Skopje, FYROM – Ethnic Albanians of FYROM are furious with the anti-Albanian insults and the silence of the state institutions in FYROM. The State Institutions in FYROM instantly protested to Serbs for the recent incident with the Greek flag, but conveniently turn a blind eye everytime the fans of FYROM are the culprits themselves.

“The latest incidents should become an alarm for politicians. Such incidents happen all over the world but the main concern is that politicians are doing nothing about it. Politicians should call for tolerance, understanding and not interpersonal insults,”  said Prof. Denko Malevski in Koha.

Professor Demus Bajrami has also responded to the increasing extreme Nationalism of FYROM’s Slavic element. He stated they are becoming witnesses that the sport matches are turning into insulting events with anti-Albanian insults.

Furthermore, the program of Radio Skopje in Albanian language announced that it wont inform about the events in sports, due to the insults against Albanians. Additionally they urged the rest of Albanian Media to follow their example.

Ethnic Albanians of FYROM also protested to the European Handball Federation (EHF) for stimulating the chauvinism and the ethnic insults during the recent european matches in Handball.

In the meantime in another incident in Struga, an Ethnic Albanian set FYROM’s flag on fire and at once he was arrested. Additionally criminal charges were filed against him.  The event comes only a few days after the burning of a Greek flag wrapped around a coffin at Vevcani’s Carnival. Of course FYROM’s state in that incident did absolutely nothing which highlights its endeless hypocrisy.

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