Committee for Prevention of Torture Report blasts FYROM

Idrizovo in FYROM

Idrizovo (FYROM)

The Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee released its Report regarding FYROM. The Anti-Torture Committee criticized heavily FYROM in its report for bad treatment of prisoners and insufficient care for patients in psychiatric hospitals. The committee concluded that overcrowding in FYROM’s prisons has become a chronic issue.

Here are a Part of the CPT’s Report:

CPT’s report states that a significant number of persons alleged ill-treatment by police officers and recommends national authorities to continue to take action to combat ill-treatment by police, including an effective investigation into every allegation .

In response, the national authorities provide information on the investigations into the cases raised by the Committee and on action to promote respect for human rights by the police.

The report also states that fundamental change is required to address challenges facing the prison system, and is particularly critical of the lack of a professional management approach , low staffing ratios and an absence of accountability and clear rules. At Idrizovo Prison, the country’s largest establishment, a number of credible allegations of ill-treatment of prisoners by staff were received and inter-prisoner violence remained a significant problem. Many inmates were being held in deplorable living conditions, crammed together in a dilapidated, unsafe and unhygienic environment and most prisoners were offered no activities and locked in their units for up to 23 hours a day.

The full Report of the Committee for Prevention of Torture regarding FYROM can be found in the following link:

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