FYROM : Islamic Religious Community protest against the Vevcani Carnival for abusing Islamic values

Photo @ Koha

Struga, FYROM - Struga’s Residents protest today against the abuse of Islamic values at the Vevcani Carnival, according to Koha. After Greece officially protested to FYROM for the insulting and provocative burning of the Greek Flag wrapped around on a coffin, FYROM’s Muslims also protest today against the misuse of Islamic values who took place in the Carnival of Vevcani recently.

The mufti of Struga Ferat Polisi stated that the protests will be over Struga’s main streets. Struga’s Mayor Merko also announced that he will join the protests. Representatives of the Islamic Religious Community (IVZ) from Struga demanded from FYROM’s Government to undertake instant measures against the Vevcani Municipality as the official organiser.

They stressed that the Carnival of Vevcani ridiculed Muslims while mocked the basic principles and practices of religions. Therefore they demanded a public apology and the resignation of the Mayor of Vevcani. However the latter does not accept any responsibility.

A spokewoman from FYROM’s Ministry of Culture said that “the main organizer of the carnival is the Municipality of Vevcani” , despite the fact that the Carnival is funded by the Ministry of Culture.

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