Vladimir Putin : Alexander Was Greek

Π Τι εθνικότητας ήταν ο Μέγας Αλέξανδρος?

A statement by Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of Government of demographically and geographically largest Slavic state in the world, which is also a cultural, scientific and scholarly superpower, in addition having authority derived from World’s most second powerful armed forces.

“In his time to solve these economic problems, Alexander of Macedonia came and conquered Persia. Now Greece is not to conquer anybody, but beyond that it is deprived from the inability to devalue its national currency, because it doesn’t has its own national currency, it is denied possibility to issue money, because it doesn’t have its own money-issuing center”

Excerpt from a debate at a recent economic forum. The obvious synergy of otherwise blunt statement that “Alexander conquered Persia” followed by a sentence: “Now Greece is not to conquer anybody” is that Alexander’s conquest was by Greeks, i.e. an endogenous conquest towards Persia of, simply stated, Greek design and character, led by Alexander.


1. Official Site of the Government of Russian Federation: Официјален сајт на Владата на Руската Федерација: http://premier.gov.ru/events/news/17938/

Transcript from the debate in forum “Russia 2012”

„К выступлению Майкла Милкена, председателя Института Милкена

В.В.Путин: В своё время, чтобы решить эти экономические проблемы, Александр Македонский пошёл и Персию завоевал. Теперь Греция не может никого завоевать, но её ещё и лишили возможности девальвировать собственную валюту, поскольку у неё нет собственной валюты, лишили возможности эмиссии, поскольку у них нет эмиссионного центра.“….

Romanized transliteration of the excerpt above:

“V svoe vremja, chtoby reshit’ jeti jekonomicheskie problemy, Aleksandr Makedonskij poshel i Persiju zavoeval; teper’ Grecija ne mozhet nikogo zavoevat’, no ee eshhe i lishili vozmozhnosti deval’virovat’ sobstvennuju valjutu, poskol’ku u nee net sobstvennoj valjuty; lishili vozmozhnosti jemissii, poskol’ku u nih net jemissionnogo centra;….”

2. Channel 1 of Russian TV, official site (with streaming video of Vladimir’s Putin speech, excerpt about Alexander and modern economic issues in Greece at : 6:23-6:46):


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Real Macedonian Greek! says:

We don’t need his input on the subject. We already know he was greek like the other Macedonians.