Macedonia News : Nimetz in the Archaeological Museums of Pella and Thessaloniki

Matthew Nimetz

Macedonia News – The UN Mediator, Mr Matthew Nimetz, had the chance to visit the most famous Archaeological Museums of Macedonia during his stay in Greece. The American Diplomat had a visit to the Archaeological Museums of Pella and Thessaloniki.

He was accompanied by the Greek Ambassador to UN, Mr Adamantios Vasilakis and his close friend, Mr Nikos Efthimiadis.

Mr Nimetz showed much interest about the archaeological findings of Alexander’s era coming from the Greek kingdom of Macedonia and about the history of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki.

According to newspapers, he was also the recipient of a gift from Mr Efthimiadis, namely audiovisual material related to the amazing exhibition with treasures originating from the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, recently being displayed  in the Museum of Louvre.


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