Analysts blast Gruevski’s hardline policies for FYROM’s EuroAtlantic Fiasco

With FYROM’s future EuroAtlantic integration turning out once again to be an embarassing fiasco, several analysts in the former Yugoslav Republic blast today the root cause. Gruevski’s regime Nationalistic policies who completely isolated FYROM while being stuck in a parallel universe where everybody should be blamed except themselves.

Petar Arsovski in Utrinski Vesnik makes a parallel of FYROM with the Titanic. According to FYROM’s expert, the political and socio-economic situation in FYROM leaves behind the impression that FYROM is behaving in the same way as the passengers of Titanic. Namely being alone and watching the icebergs getting closer to them while the storm is inevitable.

Another expert, S. Kramarska, adds in her column that  if one deems the situation based on Ivanov’s reaction, FYROM has either not understood the message from Wohlers properly or they pretend  not to understand it.

E. Rizaov points out ironically that they remained the only ones in the Balkans to worthily and courageously settle the accounts with the “enemies” that stole our history and with the traitors that took their side.

He raises the question whether there is enough courage to admit once that the blame should be looked in themselves for their troubles and mistakes. According to Rizaov, everyone is guilty except those who run the country as they are always flawless.

Last but not least, the analyst P. Popovski explains that following the agreement with Kosovo, Serbia is catching the European train while FYROM is left in the ancient drama.

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