Ancient Greek artifacts discovered in southern Gaza

GAZA CITY // It was perhaps fitting that when workmen came across a haul of 1,400 ancient Greek silver coins, some 2,500 years old, they should do so in Rafah

A number of ancient Greek relics were discovered in southern Gaza Strip, a Hamas official in Gaza said Monday.

“These pieces include pottery fragments, black basalt rocks and a piece painted with the Red Cross, in addition to the discovery of some walls and arches and a large number of ancient coins,” said Asa’ad Ashour, protection director in the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of the deposed Hamas government.

The Ministry had put its grip on the site of ancient ruins on the border town of Rafah after it was found by accident.

The Ministry also launched a project to excavate and document “Tel Zo’rob” Archaeological site, when it found a long narrow basement under the ground end up with a large rock.

“The site was discovered by workers by coincidence, so we came and put our grip on it because it’s considered an ancient ruins site,” said Ashour, adding that “it still requires a lot of hard work and exploration.”

“It’s like a narrow passage located underground which is built in a sort of descending stairs, at the end of this passage is the border line with Egypt and we discovered some ancient letters on the rock,” he added.


Around 1,500 ancient coins belonging to the Greek era have been found in the site. The coins were in an earthen pot buried since that period.

Source: Xinhua


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Graham says:

I wonder why an ancient Greek buried his treasure so carefully some 2000 years ago. Any ideas?