Macedonia News – Makis Psomiadis being extradited by FYROM

Macedonia News – Businessman and soccer club owner Makis Psomiadis is due to be handed over to Greek authorities on April 30 after the Justice Ministry in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) accepted an extradition request from Athens.

Psomiadis was caught in Skopje in November a few weeks after fleeing Greece. A month earlier, a magistrate decided to bail Psomiadis after charging him with being at the center of a large match-fixing ring.

The owner of Kavala soccer club denies any connection to the match-fixing ring, which is alleged to have made millions of euros by betting on the outcome of soccer games which various officials and players colluded to fix. Interpol officers are due to hand Psomiadis over to Greek authorities at the Evzones border crossing on Monday so he can stand trial in Athens.


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