Russian Television Documentary About Alexander the Great Confirms Hellenism of Macedonians

Bellow, an integral brief Russian television documentary is included, which, among classical, chronologically ordered editorial concept, offers statements on Greek character of Ancient Macedonia and Alexander himself.

1. [0:56 -1: 02] Macedonia, placed on the northern part of the Greek world, aspired to straighten its links with the Hellenic culture.

2.[4:59 - 5:10] Alexander was building temples in honor of Greek culture and his ancestor, Heracles, was celebrated.

3. [5:20 - 5:27] When Alexander tried to renew Persian ceremony, Greeks refused to kneel in front of their leader.

4.[6:21 - 6:27] …But Greek culture [regardless of partition of late Alexander’s empire] was spread in Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Judea, Egypt.

5. [6:31 - 6:37] Alexander, called the Great, brought the civilizations of Greece and Middle East closer and established the era of Hellenism.

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