Georgievski : the Name or the Future

Georgievski: the Name or the Future

Former Prime Minister called the government to stop with the manipulations and to make public its agenda for the future of Macedonia [sic]. According to him, politics that is being led now is irresponsible and it reduces only to realization of daily-political scores, without thinking about the perspectives of Macedonia [sic].

Although he is in support of compromise and considers that Republic of Northern Macedonia is a dignified solutions, he has nothing against debate also about any other scenarios for future of Macedonia [sic].

If Macedonia [sic] doesn’t integrate itself in the nearest future possible, and government doesn’t understand his messages seriously, Georgievski predicts that the government of Gruevski will finish its mandate with collapse in the field of economy, distorted inter-ethnic relations and demographic debacle.

Sreќko Popovski
Translation from Serbo-Bulgarian to English of the article: “Георгиевски: Името или иднината”, 23-V-2012, ALFA TV, official website link: last accessed: 03-VI-2012.

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