Macedonia News : Vuk Jeremic candidate for UN General Assembly President

Macedonia News – Vuk Jeremic, the Serbian Foreign Minister is one of the two candidates to become the UN General Assembly President. The new president of the UN General Assembly should be elected today between Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic and Lithuanian Ambassador to the UN, Dalius Cekuolis.

The Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has officially backed Greece in the Name Issue with FYROM. Two years ago he stated that “Serbia has understanding for the position of Greece with regard to the issue regarding the name of the country whose capital is Skopje.” 

Serbia’s support for Greece in the Name Issue has enraged FYROM’s officials who according to unofficial information today will either back the Lithuanian candidate or abstain from voting.

 Greece and FYROM have been tangled in a ongoing dispute regarding the latter’s name, after FYROM’s Slavs absurdly keep claiming the Namehistory and heritage of ancient Macedonia, an ancient Greek kingdom in Macedonia (Northern Greece).

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