Macedonia News : FYROM’s Hypocrisy on Car Plates Stickers


Macedonia News – During the last days the FYROM’s foreign minister made a particularly cynical complaint to Greece. This was after Greek border authorities began placing stickers on FYROM cars that have license plates with the country designator MK.

Particularly the FYROM’s Foreign Minister called the action “illegal and a pointless provocation.”

The complaint was cynical and awkward because Greece has the right to apply it under the 1995 UN interim agreement that regulates relations between the two states.

Sadly for the foreign minister of FYROM, he ought to have read more carefully the agreement that his country has accepted and realize his country’s obligations, before he comes forward with such clumsy statements.

But since FYROM’s officials are so eager to exhibit publicly their duplicity,  a certain hypocrisy is revealed from their side when they protest about Greece placing stickers. 

A sample of FYROM’s duplicity. FYROM’s Official Pop-Arsov “covers” the first three letters from the label writing  “F.Y.R. Macedonia” during a meeting of European Committees in clear violation of the Interrim Accord. 

Since the 1995 UN Interim accord between Greece and FYROM, its the FYROM’s officials who insist on violating the agreement. More interestingly, they are the ones who  find it so easy to “cover” the first three letters found on the labels writing “F.Y.R.O.M” while being in the International Organisations, always in violation of the Interim Accord.

In other words, FYROM’s Officials are practising themselves for years what their young Foreign Minister called a pointless provocation. Hypocrisy has reached new heights in FYROM.

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