FYROM’s analysts say Gruevski partly to blame for the failure to join EU

FYROM’s analysts went over what they consider the failures of their country to join the European Union. The frustration of FYROM’s experts became bigger as they witness other countries of the Balkan region to have already joined the Union and themselves to be stuck in the waiting room of EU for seven years.

Many of them, after the recent NATO fiasco in May, blame the ineffective Gruevski’s administration, considering that in addition to be incapable to resolve the name issue, it deterionates the process of European integration further.

FYROM’s experts consider the name issue not to be a permanent excuse like FYROM’s current government is always ready to use. For them this is easily refuted since FYROM is not the only country that faced problems relating to its EU membership. Also Slovenia faced problems with Italy, Croatia with Slovenia, yet they both managed to resolve them.

FYROM now face the fact that Montenegro is opening membership negotiations on Friday, Serbia will follow soon and open membership negotiations and perhaps so does Albania in the near future.

“Additionally to the name issue, there is also how we deal with the other reforms, which are stagnating. This way, we are only losing friends and the support from the Union”, says a FYROM analyst working for the Institute for European Policies.

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