Macedonia News: Greek Foreign Ministry urges FYROM to stop Propaganda

Grigoris Delavekouras

Macedonia News: It is necessary for FYROM to stop with the negative propaganda that poisons public opinion and prevents a solution. The two states must finally begin to negotiate, Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Gregory Delavekouras stated yesterday.

Mr Delavekouras also stated that FYROM should show sincere will for solving the dispute which is something Greece has shown so far and he added that Greece and FYROM should hold on to the substance in order to find a solution.

He stressed the hope that an occasion will soon arise for a meeting with mediator Matthew Nimetz to see what the next steps regarding the name issue would be.

In related news, the Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos said yesterday in Athens that Greece still support the Euro-Atlantic integration of FYROM, but FYROM’s government should take a constructive position on the name issue.

Cyprus’ ambassador to the Unites states, Pavlos Anastasiades urged FYROM yesterday on trying more in order to solve the name issue. According to him, Cyprus supports the European perspective of FYROM but the name issue must be solved first.

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