FYROM News : New Poll Blasts Gruevski’s policies

FYROM News – Fokus Daily refers to a poll conducted between 7 to 12 July by the agency for public opinion “Rating”. The poll included the opinion of 1560 citizens about various issues related to FYROM.

According to this poll, the realization of most citizens participating is that things in FYROM are generally moving into the wrong direction.

This perception is significantly greater among the Albanian population than the Slavic one.  Even though citizens express various views about the reasons for the economic crisis, everyone agrees that FYROM’s government must stop wasting money on monuments.

Due to this fact, FYROM’s current government loses the entire support. Citizens add that in periods of serious crisis like this one, the extravagance of budget money for luxury must be ended. Citizens express discontent with the FYROM’s government but also show their distrust toward the opposition.

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