“Be Yourself, Be Macedon” – New propagandistic FYROM’s Video

“Be Yourself, Be Macedon” – Recovery Video Distributed by Cardiosurgeon Žan Mitrev, Owner of Filip II Hospital (Skopje)

Bidi svoj, bidi Makedon (sic!)” is an inspirational video based upon visual and audio therapy, intended to facilitate recovery of people upon cardiac surgery have been performed. It was directed by Niče Dimovski, the director of so-called “Makedonska molitva” and indeed it is virtually its extension without the dramatic narrative.

The package of DVD’s goes with the a T-shirt on whose front (chests) it is written “Bidi svoj, bidi Makedon” (“Be yourself/your own, be a Macedon”). The issue is by “Filip II” cardiosurgical hospital, created and led by Dr. Žan Mitrev, which features Red Heart with 16 rays Sun of Vergina (this was something mentioned in FYROM vs. Greece Court proceedings Hague).

The video, visual element of which either predated the “Makedonska molitva” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macedonian_Prayer_%28video%29 ( or are made on its as a copy), feature  the “Macedonian homeland” as a clearing house, after which “humanized mankind” spreads like animation in all direction – as the end of the video approaches more towards the Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, which vignettes of prominent people of “Macedonian”, Greek, Roman, Western, Slavic history from earliest times to present day is shown through animation. The music is one of the movements in Vangelis’s “Mythodea” suite.

By Vasko

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