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Αποστομωτική ήταν η απάντηση που έδωσε ο κ. Ντίνος Σιώτης σε πληρωμένη διαφήμιση των FYROMIANS του Καναδά στους NYT

To the Editor:


”Macedonians Are Not Greek!”, a July 17 advertisement by Yugoslavs from Canada, attempts to rewrite history. The historian Herodotus speaks of Perdikas, the first king of Macedonia we know, as Greek and of ancient Macedonians as a tribe kindred to the Dorians. In addition, the geographical name Macedonia derives from the very ancient Greek adjective ”makedons” (tall), which occurs in the Homeric poems. Also, the proper names of the ancient Macedonians were all Greek – Alexander, Amyntas, Antiochus, Cleopatra, Philip – as well as the names of their cities, Heracleia, Pella, Aenae.

After the massive exodus of Slavs from Greek territory in 1944-49, there is no Slav Macedonian or other minority living in Greece today. Macedonia, being a purely geographical term, does not imply a separate nation bearing that name. It is an area shared by Greece, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, and inhabited by Greeks, Slavs and Bulgarians, respectively.

There are no ”Macedonian Canadians” for the same reason that there are no Texan Canadians or Athenian Canadians. Macedonia is simply a geographical term and has never constituted an ethnic or historical entity. Macedonia has been the cradle of Greek history since antiquity, as was recently reconfirmed by the excavations in Vergina and Dion, and attested to by the identification of ancient Macedonians with Greek language and culture.

The history of Macedonian Hellenism is the foundation of Western civilization. DINO SIOTIS, Press Counselor Greek Press and Information Office New York, July 19, 1989


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noIMspartacus says:

The name game regarding FYROM has gone on long enough.

First off, it’s time to stop all these pathetic attempts to “re-write” history. Macedonia and Alexander’s legacy was and always will be Greek, carved in ancient stone and marble for all to see.

The FORMER Yugoslav (so-called) “Republic of Macedonia” was and, unless some common sense prevails regarding a realistic and practical future as a “country”, always will be a sad state of affairs.

The main reason that this absurd “claim” by the Bulgarian half of FYROM has not succeeded in hi-jacking the ancient Greek name of Macedonia is that, despite all the cynical and hypocritical “Realpolitik” games going on in the region, there are real world issues and historical facts that cannot be avoided.

It is also why all the “angry demands” and “claims” by these hi-jackers of history which, when seen all together, only manage to mostly contradict themselves or end up in “indignant” yet baseless and historically absurd “arguments”.

It is also why the UN and EU are -- in the very least -- still insisting on a compromise on the name (which is more than this fabricated mish-mash of a country deserves) as regrettably, it is deemed that such a settlement will serve other interests in the region. Greece though, for historical but more crucially future geo political reasons, should NOT compromise on the “new name” and how it is used.

It remains a sad state of affairs when a mixed group of slavo-Bulgarians -- who did not even arrive in the region until after 600AD!!! and are mostly a left over from the Balkan wars and Tito’s clumsy attempts of territorial gains and access to the Mediterranean sea -- try to hijack the ancient Greek name of Macedonia to give themselves an “identity”.

Something which was clearly exposed by US Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius in 1944, stating in no uncertain terms that: “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation,” Macedonian “fatherland,” or Macedonian “national consciousness” to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece.” This reality remains even if there has been a shift in some quarters of US “policy” in the region.

This sad and latest episode of these displaced Bulgarians -- who also have to deal with a large Albanian minority with their own agendas -- is more a case of ‘the mouse that roared’ (with the cynical “support” of those with rather devious agendas in the region) than a case of legitimate “claims” to a so-called “ethnic” identity.

Further more it should also be made clear that even Bulgaria -- despite it’s past and present agendas -- doesn’t recognize the existence of so-called “slavo-macedonians” in the so-called republic!!! -- quite rightly considering all FYROM “makedonjianovskis” as Bulgarians.

On the other hand, the heritage, cities and monuments of Alexander were, are and always will be GREEK, carved in ancient stone and marble that no devious or pathetic attempts to re-write history -- or brown nosing those who indulge in so-called “great games” in the region -- can change, let alone erase.

If the “supporters” of the FYROM genuinely want a solution to their problems and stability for this “country” and the Balkans, it is time to put a stop to this nonsense and deal with the realities of not only the region but also of the real world and very serious social-economic and environmental problems that we ALL have to face in THIS century. It would also be wise to remember that Mother Nature doesn’t do bail outs.