Crvenkovski: Gruevski Moves Toward Compromise, Republic of Baroque Macedonia

[ News Portal , 3-IX-2012 ]

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What I figure will go tonight on MTV, Sitel, Kanal 5, however, they will report that barely 500 people gathered at the rally of SDSM. Well, just so much disappointed VMRO people have among us tonight, stated SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski, attending a rally in Kavadarci.

– Every week the same statements and lies. They are lying and encouraging themselves. What are you scared? There is nothing to fear, know their sins. And there than to fear. People no longer want to suffer and boxes, neither trust nor threats are afraid. Comes time to pass the bills. Waiting for the big folk penalty, because it promised a lot and made us a land of poverty and misery – Crvenkovski.
He stressed that the government of Nikola Gruevski in six years government spent over 100 million euros for its advertising and over 300 million captured in bronze and concrete.

-He made the hundreds and thousands of videos, posters, documentaries of themselves. They created a false world, a virtual reality in which they live only. What more wonders we have seen. Warrior on horse, a warrior without a horse, mother of the warrior on a horse, a woman warrior without a horse, Prometheus with underpants, Prometheus without underpants,, sad willows, ships in the middle of Vardar, Vardar rafts, palm trees and beaches. Baroque facade of constitutional government building, baroque multi-story car parking places … People, the man heads toward a compromise with Greece – Republic of Baroque Macedonia – said the leader of the largest opposition party.
He noted that more government can not hide the harsh truth that the prices go up to heaven, and that the people and the country depleting, emphasizing that the Statistical Office publishes terrible numbers.

– Increased price of electricity, steam, oil, sugar, bread … some even up to 80 percent, and yet we are awaiting increases. Even their Statistics announces that wages are reduced by 4%, industrial output falls. Huge number of blocked accounts of firms and citizens. Official government debt is 860 million. People are depleted, the economy is insolvent, the state is responsible, and budget of one billion each year is increasing. The key question is – where is the money of the people – SDSM leader asked the crowd in Kavadarci.

Crvenkovski urges people to reach out and, as you pointed out, “go to our Macedonian great victory.”
– In March, waiting for us elections, there’s a great decision. To show our strength, our power. Awaits us battle-miss, a battle that must be obtained. Let’s hit it – called the head of the Social Democrats rally in Kavadarci.
During the rally was officially promoted the candidate for mayor of Kavadarci twenty-seven years old Betian Kitev, which sought to unite the opposition, NGOs, disenchanted citizens, to win the local elections.
– Do not be afraid and you win. Heaven and earth will come together, but iwe will win – promised Kitev in front of countrymen.

By Vasko