Opposition Member Miroslav Grčev Against Gruevski’s Fascism

“Because of its religious provenance, the reinforced conviction of today’s “ancient” Macedonians in their origin can neither clear facts can scratch that both before and after the time of Alexander in almost all of this country lived not ancient Macedonians, but Paionians, Dardanias, Illyrians, Thracians and Phrygians, over whose “disappearance” nobody is shedding tears. To Alexander contemporary orphans it does not mean anything any scientific knowledge that the ancient Macedonian state “never set foot” north of Valandovo, and he personally only once – in the first year of rule was passing through the territory of today’s Republic of Macedonia, furiously riding Bucephalus, hurrying back from his Danubian campaign. So, despite the absolute lack of any data on our blood or territorial kinship with Alexander, the only source of blind faith in our ancient origins is a mystical connection between the blood and the Macedonian soil that DPMNE turned into a state ideology. Does anyone remember what the ideology of Blood and Soil represents?”


“The ideology which celebrates Alexander III of Macedon and Phillip II as fathers of the modern Macedonian nation is an ideology of the nationalism of Blood and Soil or palingenetic ultra-nationalism, which is a generic property of every fascism , because with the help of ideology of palingenesis, or “rebirth”, the nation is being founded on its “mythical foundations”.

“All essential fascist element of the rebirth nationalism are present in the ideology and practicing of rule by the regime of Gruevski. The myth of heroic genesis of the people from the father Alexander III of Macedon and racial superiority of his awakened and reborn descendants. The chauvinism which separates Macedonians into Slavic and Ancient ones, the ultra-nationalism which makes impossible the inter-ethnic coexistence and the paranoia which isolates us and makes us far removed from the neighbors. Notoriously eugenic state projects for ethnically selective stimulation of third child, totalitarian and authoritarian practices of rule, the control over media and the deafening propaganda, erosion of human rights and freedoms and many other characteristics of fascism which are product of the Blood and Soil ideology”

Extract from the text by Miroslav Grčev, architect and high ranking SDS members, entitled “Blood and Soil of Macedonia”, PlusInfo.mk portal, 24-IX-2012. The ethnic and land names are as in original Serbo-Bulgarian text.

By Vasko