Serbian “Blic”: Look at How the New “Ancient” Skoplje Looks Like

Two more years remained to the deadline which the creators of project “Skoplje 2014” gave to themselves, and judging from the last images from the FYROM’s capital the job of giving antiquity-like, and some say kitsch-like, look to Skoplje could be over before the deadline.

FYROM’s authorities thought the new look of the center of the capital city, ornamented with infinite numbers of bronze, primary horseman, some of which are persons from the nearer FYROM’s history for which there is no documentation that they were ever riding a horse. The most important figures are, of course, those which represent Alexander the Great and his father Phillip the Second, although they are not explicitly mentioned as the heroes in place.

There is also a plenitude of ancient-like palaces, bridges, wide domes, while in Skoplje’s center a triumphal arch was build.

See also relevant video titled “Skoplje 2014: The Future That Just Begun”.

Translation of the original at Serbian “Blic” magazine:

by Vladislav Perunović, Skoplje, FYROM

The abbreviation FYROM is used solely by the blog and not the original source

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