Albanian flags everywhere, the FYROM one - nowhere

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The way in which the celebration of the day of the Albanian state flag was done increasingly dramatize interethnic relations in the country. Already for a week, provocative large Albanian flags are placed on monuments and poles, without any place to put the national flag, said Gordan Georgiev, vice president of SDSM.

Above all, says Georgiev, the statement of the head of the Islamic community, Sulejman Rexhepi, that “all Albanians instead in five ones, have to live in one state” was pouring oil on the fire, which was previously fueled by Gruevski and Ahmeti, concluded Georgiev.

- Unfortunately, no less provocative speech was that by the head of the Macedonian (sic) Orthodox Church, Archbishop Stefan, who at the consecration of the church, rather than religious, send political messages, which deepens divisions in Macedonian (sic) society and the principle of secularism. Religious leaders, instead of using his authority among believers to tranquil the misunderstanding and send a message of reconciliation, they are more like a tool in the hands of irresponsible politicians. The relationship of religious leaders in recent days, has no common points with the messages they refer to faithful for Easter and Bayram.

With undermining the inter-ethnic relations in the short term maybe someone will make political points, but the consequences of this very dangerous political game in the long run jeopardize the future of the country - says the vice president of SDSM, Gordan Georgiev.

By Vladislav Perunović

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