A view upon situation in FYROM reveals sinister developments on the plan of civil cohesion of that entity. During the anniversaries of 100 years of Albanian statehood, serious of incident, including insulting attack on Gruevski in Tirana and subsequent burning of FYROMian flag [1], was precursor to understanding of local Albanians that they may display heavier ethnocentrism than it is usually the case.


Together with news from the European unity that there will be no accession negotiations if Hellenic Republic and FYROM do not solve the most prominent issue, the name issue, the powerlessness of the central Serbo-Bulgarian majority to deal with prominent escalation of Albanian nationalism may pose new challenges in the future. Together with Berisha’s infamous speech about “Albania from Preševo to Preveza” [2], the statement of Grand Mufti of FYROMian Muslims Sulejman Rexhepi that “Albanians shouldn’t live in 5 states but instead in one, which is God-given” [3] provide Islamist echo to escalating cultural and social secession of Albanians in FYROM, the reason of which must be sought in their marginalization on one side, but also in existence of forces and influential groups that seek to establish Greater Albania as idea with lot of adherents.


Putting a plate showing a monumental double-headed eagle of Albanian Eagle in central Skopje, in proximity of 30 meters of police station (!) is also a manifestation of Albanian indignation with the path of ethnocentricsm of FYROM, which, in this case, resulted with manifestation of their variant in this act. [4]


FYROM’s Serbo-Bulgarians ought to reject any notion of links between them and Macedonians of antiquity and revert to their true Slavic identities if they want cessation of hostility of non-Slavic groups alienated by the project aimed at solidifying social identity which is “Macedonian, neither Slavic, neither Greek”.


Only when responsible Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian, Vlach and other members of varieties of cultural groups that inhabit FYROM re-orientate themselves away from creating oppositional subcultures, civil unity as a precondition for personal and common good prosperity may be found, better sooner than later.


[1] http://www.macedoniahellenicland.eu/content/view/3651/76/lang,el/

[2] http://www.albtime.com/berisha1-shqiperia-etnike-67-mije-kilometra-katror/ ,


[3] target=”_blank”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6XmX4FOqE8,


[4] Cf. Enclosed photographs of recent installation near Skopje’s Bit Bazaar.

Vladislav Perunović,

Skopje, FYROM


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FYROMANIAS! This is exactly what you did few years ago, so they pay back to you with the same coin, just because you use them but not regognize, you subsequently try to keep in silence voices who live in your so called ¨the fYROM¨state, without the freedom to expess themselves as ethnicity of different culture and origin, that is to say they aren´t Slavs as you are. So, bottomline what is all anout for any objection made by you to those movenments against?