Outrageous Provocation: Irredentist Banner exhibited by FYROM’s fans at International Handball match

None from FYROM's officials cared to act and remove the Provocative banner against Greece and Bulgaria's sovereign territory

During the International Handball match between HC Vardar PRO Skopje (FYROM) and SC Magdeburg (Germany) on 2nd December, a provocative banner with irredentist content was shown by FYROM’s team supporters.

Fans of Vardar Skopje unfurled a huge Banner showing a irrendentist map of the so-called “United Macedonia” (Photo above) which claimed parts of Greece and Bulgaria’s sovereign territories. The highly offensive banner included the slogan: “UNITED MACEDONIA”, written in English language .

At the same time, another provocative banner with a huge Star of Vergina was placed almost next to one of the goalposts.

Despite the fact that the match was for Men´s EHF European Cup Group, none of the present officials cared to act and remove the highly offensive banners.

Watch photos and videos from the provocations by FYROM’s fans.



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