FYROM’s Organisation threatens Karakachanov with death

President of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (IMRO) Krassimir Karakachanov has received a letter containing death threats, the press centre of the party announced. It was written on behalf of the “Makedonska Patriotska Garda” which is an ultra-secret organisation consisting of experts from the FYROM secret services and the army of the paramilitary structures, IMRO explained.

The text is written in standard Bulgarian, the postmark is from the town of Gjevgjelia, FYROM. The letter of threats is not the first Karakachanov has received, and this time it also mentions the names of the Bulgarian President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister with the warning “Anti-Macedonians Boyko Borissov, Rosen Plevneliev, Nickolay Mladenov, Volen Siderov … should never come to Macedonia again…”

According to the leader of IMRO, “the Macedonian State cannot ask us to support their EU membership, while at the same time a group handling sensitive information, coming from the Macedonian special services, threatens the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.” The Chairman of IMRO emphasised what explicit requirements Bulgaria needs to have for FYROM in order to support it for EU membership- putting an end to hate speech and terror against FYROM citizens with Bulgarian consciousness, reform of FYROM services, termination of funding for separatist groups a shared reading of history.

Source: klassa.bg

the abbreviation FYROM is used solely by the blog and not from the original source

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